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Jacqueline Tame: JAIC Focuses on Projects in Logistics, Test and Evaluation Areas

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Jacqueline Tame, acting deputy director for the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), said JAIC is focusing on projects that will have the most potential impact on the military and its readiness and those areas include logistics and test and evaluation, Federal News Network reported Tuesday.

“We have had real interest in the last several months in particular in the joint logistics enterprise,” Tame told FNN.

JAIC is working with the Defense Logistics Agency (DLA), U.S. Transportation Command and other entities that use inventory management, supply chain management and other business practices to facilitate the delivery of people, weapons systems and other needs.

“You can easily see where the intersections of the biggest return on investment are going to be with their work with logistics and moving materiel,” Tame said. 

“The technology is actually pretty mature in these areas where there’s an abundance of data in some of these back office areas. That’s one of the ways in which we’re really mapping the landscape of DoD from a missions and mission needs perspective and targeting those areas where we think AI applications and helping to instantiate AI is going to scale the most quickly or the most robustly,” she added.

JAIC and the Pentagon’s test and evaluation office are working together to build a test framework and further advance AI adoption.

“That test and evaluation framework for AI has actually showed us that there are some sort of gaps right now in the way in which we procure those services, whether they be, data labeling services, or the actual customer evaluation services themselves,” Tame said.

JAIC is also advancing work on the tactical edge and Tame said a solid data infrastructure is needed to facilitate the flow of information.

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