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FBI Report: 2020 Saw $4.2B in Losses From Cyber Crimes

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The FBI has released a report detailing alleged internet crimes from over 791,790 complaints that the agency's Internet Crime Complaint Center recorded in 2020.

IC3's 2020 Internet Crime Report states that the cyber attacks resulted in more than $4.2 billion in losses and that the top three recorded crimes were non-delivery and nonpayment scams, phishing scams and extortion, the agency said Wednesday.

Victims primarily lost money to investment fraud, confidence and romance schemes and compromised business emails, according to the report.

In 2020, IC3 recorded more than 28,500 complaints on pandemic-related scams and fraudulent activities targeting individuals and businesses. The number of IC3 complaints increased from approximately 300,000 in 2019, the report states.