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Air Force Looks to Update Digital Training Platform’s Features, Career Pathways

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The U.S. Air Force is continuing efforts to update its cyber training platform which the service branch envisions to include features for unique skill sets and new career areas, FedScoop reported Monday.

The Air Force’s office for Business and Enterprise Systems Product Innovation (BESPIN) told the publication that it seeks to provide more customizations for the Digital University (DU) tool to support specific upskilling activities. The service launched DU in collaboration with contractors such as Pluralsight, Udacity and Udemy.

DU leaders expect to expand the platform’s user base to include U.S. Space Force personnel and Airmen other than cybersecurity personnel, according to FedScoop.

“Technical training typically isn’t done well in the Air Force, so there is a demand to upskill our technical airmen for the jobs we need. DU was built to be that central hub,” said 1st Lt. Peyton Cleveland, project manager and lead developer for DU at BESPIN

Cleveland noted that the U.S. Army is also looking into piloting the platform.