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Viasat Approved to Gain Cyber Threat Intelligence through DHS ECS Program

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Ken Peterman
Ken Peterman Viasat

Viasat has been approved to receive cyber threat intelligence through the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Enhanced Cybersecurity Services (ECS) program. 

"The added DHS ECS intelligence coupled with the advanced capabilities inherent in the Viasat cyber offering, enables us to better fortify our customers' cyber posture and maintain a vigilant and watchful defense against the world's most advanced adversaries,” said Ken Peterman, president, Government Systems, Viasat.

As an accredited ECS provider, Viasat will receive DHS-provided sensitive and classified cybersecurity threat indicators and information to defend U.S.-based public and private computer networks. DHS accredited Viasat as one of four companies able to pass ECS program requirements. 

Viasat received the authorization following an audit of Viasat's cybersecurity capabilities, security architecture and facilities. DHS ECS service providers must achieve a high standard of security competence and compliance, such as maintaining the ability to safeguard sensitive and classified information, and security approvals for personnel, facilities and computer network systems.

Viasat's ECS solution has leveraged Viasat's National Security Agency (NSA)-certified Trusted Cyber Sensor (TCS) to monitor network traffic with government provided classified indicators without routing traffic through its data center. 

The company has placed its TCS devices within a customer's network and securely manages, maintains and configures them remotely from Viasat's Cyber Security Operations Center (CSOC). Once in the customer's network, the TCS devices inspect network traffic on-premises, inside the customer perimeter boundary, ensuring customer privacy is preserved.

Viasat's ECS solution has utilized the ECS Netflow Analysis capability, to provide network traffic flow indicators that help customers detect malicious activity within their network. “This added insight allows us to create a more accurate, customized, real-time cybersecurity picture that will enable customers to reach advanced cyber resiliency levels needed to reduce overall risks against cyber threats," Peterman added.