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DLA, GSA Address Issues in Export Transshipment; Perry Knight Quoted

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Perry Knight
Perry Knight Deputy Commander DLA Distribution

The Defense Logistics Agency’s (DLA) distribution arm concluded a year-long initiative to streamline supply chain operations and address the General Services Administration’s (GSA) challenges in transporting items that were halted at the shipping chain level.

DLA Distribution and GSA worked to realign supply chain processes to simplify financial operations and properly identify and bill the latter’s frustrated freight and export transshipments, DLA said Tuesday.

The effort resulted in the closing of $5 million in transshipment charges to the GSA as well as the identification of 84,000 items impacted by frustrated freight.

Perry Knight, deputy commander of DLA Distribution, said the joint initiative helped improve processes as well as the delivery of support to warfighters. GSA and DLA also worked with the U.S. African Command and European Command to align supply chain operations.