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DHS Teaches Firefighters to Use Tactical Awareness Kit;

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The Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology (DHS S&T) Directorate virtually trained California-based firefighters to use a geospatial tool made to provide situational awareness. DHS said Wednesday its Team Awareness Kit (TAK) allows firefighters to share videos, track fire equipment, forecast fires and determine fire perimeters.

TAK uses geospatial mapping technology designed to support national security missions, and has demonstrated use in live fire response. Responders from California used the kit to contain fire threats and facilitate evacuations via data from the Fire Integrated Real-Time Intelligence System.

“DHS S&T is committed to providing firefighters the tools they need to communicate with each other, especially as they battle the increasing threats of the wildland fire season," said Denis Gusty, program manager for S&T.

The directorate worked with the City of Corona's fire department and the FIRIS program to conduct the virtual TAK training.