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Air Force Research Lab Mulls ‘Vanguard’ Tech Advancement Program Expansion; Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle Quoted

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Air Force Research
Air Force Research Laboratory

Brig. Gen. Heather Pringle, commander of the Air Force Research Laboratory, said that AFRL could increase the number of programs to build transformational weapon systems, C4ISRNET reported Wednesday.

AFRL seeks to expedite current Vanguard projects called Golden Horde, Skyborg and Navigation Technology Satellite-3 as part of the U.S. Air Force's 2030 Science and Technology Strategy.

“Our goal is to achieve, or dedicate, up to 20 percent of our investments to this portfolio — this transformational, top-down strategy-driven design — by FY23,” Pringle was quoted as saying.

Golden Horde focuses on networking a swarm of munitions for autonomous multitarget engagement while Skyborg centers on the development of artificial intelligence-based wingmen drones.

The NTS-3 project aims to demonstrate a position, navigation and timing satellite platform that could serve as a testbed for new GPS technology.