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William Scherlis Cites Current State of AI Dev’t

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William Scherlis, director at the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency's (DARPA) information innovation office, said artificial intelligence is at the early stage of its rapid development. Scherlis said in a statement published Friday that artificial intelligence (AI) currently lacks robustness and does not have trustworthiness yet.

He cited three waves in the development of AI. The first wave involved the usage of explicit rules, while the second wave featured neural nets to imitate human thinking processes. Scherlis noted the third wave uses elements from the first two waves and will potentially serve as a "game changer."

"This is a wide open research area, but there's a lot of good work in this area — and I think it's very promising," added Scherlis.

He noted that various AI components should come together to support warfighter needs.

"If you want to do strategy planning, then you're gonna have a mashup of machine learning with, maybe, game theory and a few other elements," Scherlis said.