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U.S.-Israel Homeland Security Partnership Selects Tech Projects for New Awards; William Bryan Quoted

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William Bryan
William Bryan Undersecretary DHS

An international partnership between the Department of Homeland Security's Science and Technology (DHS S&T) Directorate and Israel has awarded a total amount of $1.5 million to homeland security projects that tackle 3D mapping, threat detection and other topics of interest.

The Binational Industrial Research and Development (BIRD) Foundation issued awards to Liberty Defense Technologies, Levitection, Ception Technologies and Hivemapper under the Homeland Security or HLS program, DHS said Wednesday.

Georgia-based Liberty Defense Technologies will work with Israel's Levitection to develop a technology that uses artificial intelligence and electromagnetic imaging to surface concealed threats. Jerusalem-based Ception Technologies and California-based Hivemapper will partner to create a 3D mapping system for both air and ground environments.

“The BIRD HLS program gives us the opportunity to bring some of the best U.S. and Israeli technology companies together to address our broad homeland security needs,” said William Bryan, DHS' undersecretary for science and technology.