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DPC Report: Pentagon’s OTA Obligations Hit $16.3B in 2020

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An annual report by the Defense Pricing and Contracting (DPC) Agency shows that the Department of Defense (DOD) obligated $16.3 billion in funds on other transaction authority awards in 2020, up from the previous year’s $7.4 billion.

Of the $16.3 billion, DOD spent $7.7 billion on OTAs related to COVID-19 pandemic response efforts, according to the report. In FY 2020, military services saw an 11 percent rise in contract obligations and a 4 percent decline in contract actions compared with the previous fiscal year.

The agency also reported an 11 percent reduction in Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation (DFARS) and the publication of 82 Federal Acquisition Regulation and DFARS revisions for key areas, including supply chain risk management, cybersecurity and acquisition of services.

DPC said it plans to advance several initiatives this year, such as implementing policies that support cybersecurity and supply chain risk management, deploying improvements to eBusiness systems and transforming certification for the contracting workforce.