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DOD Officials Hold Discussion on Joint All-Domain C2 Strategy, Data Standards; David Spirk, Lt. Gen. Dennis Crall Quoted

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David Spirk
David Spirk Chief Data Officer DOD

Military leaders and senior executive service members within the Department of Defense met Tuesday at Aberdeen Proving Ground in Maryland for a data summit to discuss the Joint All-Domain Command and Control strategy, data standards, access management, data security and application programming interfaces, DOD reported.

The Joint Staff J-6 is working on the JADC2 strategy and one session during the summit focused on the definition of the “common data fabric,” which is critical to creating and implementing the enterprise framework.

"What we've been doing for the last six or seven months is enabling this body [of decision-makers] to have this JADC2 vision and then execute it," said David Spirk, chief data officer at DOD. "We have given [the Joint Services] the path and we're asking them to drive us to this open systems data architecture."

Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Dennis Crall, director of the Joint Staff J-6, hosted the summit and called the meeting a “stage-setting event."

"This particular meeting is about making sure that the framework is in place and that we understand who is responsible for each part of the [JADC2] strategy,” Crall said.