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DHS S&T Invests in Counterterrorism Research Under New Center of Excellence

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The Department of Homeland Security’s Science and Technology (DHS S&T) Directorate has earmarked $36.5 million to fund a 10-year research effort on counterterrorism technology and the security of crowded places.

DHS said Monday that it seeks multidisciplinary academic entities that will work with the department and other experts in mathematics, analytics and engineering for efforts under DHS’s newly established Center of Excellence for Engineering Secure Environments from Targeted Attacks

The department intends to select a university or institution as the center lead that will manage homeland security issues with a focus on combating domestic terrorism, extremism and targeted attacks in crowded places including cities.

William Bryan, acting undersecretary for S&T, said the funding opportunity is meant to help DHS mitigate long-term threats to the country's built environments and surface transportation through new engineering concepts.

DHS plans to hold a webinar for the funding opportunity on Feb. 4th. Proposals for the initiative are due on March 10th.