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Army Explores Augmented Reality Use in Bright Daytime Environments; Chou Hung Quoted

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Augmented Reality Tech
Augmented Reality Tech

Army Research Laboratory (ARL), part of the service's Combat Capabilities Development Command (CCDC), has developed a new application that may help warfighters use augmented reality (AR) in bright light daytime scenarios. 

The new AR technique uses low contrast dimming highlights to address excessive brightness that hinders AR display quality, the U.S. Army said Tuesday. ARL researchers said this development presents opportunities in the outdoor use of head-up display technology, including in the commercial sector. 

“We knew that AR displays work well indoors, but outdoors, the icons disappear because the displays have limited brightness,” said Chou Hung, a neuroscience researcher with ARL.

Hung said his team's proposed system has exhibited high resilience against strong light changes.

“Our discovery paves the way towards enabling that use, including in challenging desert, snow, marine and dense urban environments," Hung added.