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Air Force Stakeholders Discuss Future Airman Mgmt, Training; Maj. Gen. William Spangenthal Quoted

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Air Education and Training Command (AETC) held a virtual event to discuss efforts on airman development in the age of great power competition.

AETC's Total Force Airmen event gathered stakeholders from active duty, civilian, national guard and reserve components of the U.S. Air Force to discuss how airmen can be improved via data-informed approaches, the service branch said Wednesday.

“These airmen must have agility of thought, understand mission-type orders and be able to execute the mission,” said Maj. Gen. William Spangenthal, deputy commander of AETC.

Col. Raymond Platt, A3/6 deputy director for force development at AETC headquarters, said USAF must use data to develop and understand the force, and match the right airman with the right job. Platt added he seeks to develop an enterprise that integrates and delivers training and education across all devices used by airmen.

“This talks to learning management systems that connect learners, instructors and content, as well as data analytics and advanced technology like artificial intelligence," he stated.

Major USAF commands and Air Force Institute of Technology presented during the two-day event.