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NASA, Canada Sign Partnership Agreement for Gateway Lunar Outpost

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Canada's space agency has officially agreed to provide an external robotics system and execute other efforts for NASA's Gateway, an orbiting space outpost that will support lunar exploration missions.

Canada will provide the Canadarm3 robotic arm and interfaces for robotic modules that would help Gateway personnel install instruments, NASA said Wednesday.

Space technology company MDA is in contract with Canada to produce Canadarm3 that will use artificial intelligence to autonomously support heavy-duty activities.

The U.S. ally will also send two Canadian astronauts to space under the Artemis program that aims to revive manned space exploration. One will go to Gateway, and the other will take part in the Artemis II lunar flyby mission scheduled for 2023.

Gateway's components include the Habitation and Logistics Outpost —the facility's initial cabin that will contain basic life supplies— and the Power and Propulsion Element that will generate solar electric power.