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DOE Makes Roadmap to Guide U.S. Pursuits in Energy Storage Tech;

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The Department of Energy (DOE) has unveiled a strategy designed to help the nation research, develop and transition energy storage technologies. The Energy Storage Grand Challenge Roadmap would guide DOE's efforts to produce and commercialize these technologies while maintaining manufacturing competitiveness in the U.S., the department said Monday.

The overall strategy aims to ensure U.S.-made energy storage technologies can meet the country's market demands by 10 years from now. Specific goals include the development of a battery pack with a manufactured cost of $80 per kilowatt-hour, a rate 44 percent lower than the current cost.

“DOE worked closely with a wide range of stakeholders and partners to develop this actionable roadmap to help bring promising energy storage technologies to market and position the United States as a global leader in energy storage solutions," said Dan Brouillette, secretary of Energy.

The roadmap builds on data featured in two reports: the "Energy Storage Market Report 2020" and the "2020 Grid Energy Storage Technology Cost." The department will release both reports that serve as references to ESGC.