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DISA Helps Army Configure iPads for Emergency Operations; Rick Walsh Quoted

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The U.S. Army will soon implement the use of computer-aided iPad devices in emergency vehicles at Fort Bliss, through a partnership with the Defense Information Systems Agency.

The military installation's emergency services department will deploy 45 of these devices across firefighting and police vehicles to support incident tracking, DISA said Thursday.

The iPads are equipped with Department of Defense (DoD) Mobility Unclassified Capability (DMUC) that offers multiple digital features such as DoD email, mobile apps management and network access.

The DMUC program team planned the implementation and established the needed administrator services. System trainers at Fort Bliss underwent a course from Nov. 12 to 13 on how to use the DMUC-equipped devices.

“My goal is to continue this kind of partnering and extend DISA services to a great number of users across the Army," said Rick Walsh, program manager of Army Mobile.