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USCYBERCOM Opens Integration Office for Unified C2, Analytics Platform

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U.S. Cyber Command (USCYBERCOM) has opened a new integration office for its Unified Platform that works to consolidate cyber, data analytics and command-and-control operations as part of the Joint Cyber Warfighting Architecture (JCWA), C4ISRnet reported Monday.

UP operates as a subset of JCWA and integrates parts of the Big Data Platforms under USCYBERCOM, the U.S. Army Cyber Command, U.S. Marine Corps and Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA). The U.S. Air Force operates UP on behalf of other cyber mission forces and USCYBERCOM.

“UP is the single unifying cloud-based infrastructure connecting disparate cyber capabilities within the JCWA to enable full-spectrum cyberspace operations,” a spokesman for the Air Force told C4ISRnet in an email.

JCWA is comprised of joint C2 systems, a sensor network, a suite of common firing technologies, cyber tools and the Persistent Cyber Training Environment.