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Report: Army, Northrop Await Production Approval for Battle Command System

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IBCS Testing
IBCS Testing

A U.S. Army spokesperson said documents that will inform the Department of Defense’s Milestone C decision on an air defense command-and-control weapon system Northrop Grumman is developing for the service branch are in the final review stage, Defense News reported Tuesday.

The report noted administrative challenges have caused delays in DoD’s production approval process related to the Integrated Air and Missile Defense Battle Command System program.

Defense Acquisition Board members agreed with a determination that IBCS met engineering and manufacturing development requirements and received instruction from Pentagon acquisition chief Ellen Lord  to perform a follow-on document review within 30 days, according to the publication.

Northrop demonstrated the potential of its system to fuse sensor data and engage multiple targets during a flight test held in August as part of a limited user test with the Army.

The branch has invested $2.7B in IBCS development efforts to date, the report said.