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Lt. Gen. Michael Groen: JAIC’s Joint Common Foundation to Begin Offering Services in 2021

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Lt. Gen. Michael Groen
Lt. Gen. Michael Groen Director JAIC

Lt. Gen. Michael Groen, director of the Department of Defense‘s (DoD) Joint Artificial Intelligence Center (JAIC), said he expects the Joint Common Foundation (JCF) platform to start providing simple services in 2021, Nextgov reported Friday.

Groen said Friday during a webinar that the JCF will have a soft services component to promote best practices around testing and verification, among other areas, and a technical aspect or a cloud-based platform that would enable users across the department to work on AI programs.

JAIC awarded Deloitte Consulting$106.4 million task order in August to design and build the JCF environment to help test, validate and implement AI-based tools.

Groen said the center is looking to transition from being a product development unit into a service hub for AI as part of the “JAIC 2.0” vision.

“The instantiation of AI across the department is very uneven,” Groen said. “Some places are very robust, some places haven’t even thought it through yet. So we will continue to adapt our organization to meet that demand signal wherever that is and as the department matures and as AI integration we’ll continue to move up the value chain.”