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L.S. Black Continues Construction of Army Barracks at Fort McCoy

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Fort McCoy barracks
Fort McCoy barracks

L.S. Black Constructors has completed 30 percent of a planned U.S. Army barracks at Fort McCoy in Wisconsin. Valued at $20.6 million, the four-story structure will measure 60 thousand square feet and is projected to house 400 personnel from the installation, the Army said Wednesday.

"The 1600 block will be completely transformed when all of this construction is completed years from now,” Master Planner Brian Harrie with the Directorate of Public Works (DPW) said. “The 1600 block is a great location for this transformation, too, because it places these facilities for transient training troops near the post’s service-related facilities, such as the commissary, Exchange and McCoy’s Community Center."

The company is currently performing exterior sheetrock placement, site grading, interior electrical work and structural steel placement, among other construction activities at the new barracks.

L.S. Black will wrap up the construction of the new barracks in August 2021.

The service branch plans to construct three additional barracks, a 160-room office quarters and three 20K-square foot brigade headquarters as part of efforts to modernize Fort McCoy's infrastructure.