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Idaho National Laboratory Takes Part in Cybersecurity Manufacturing Consortium

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Idaho National Laboratory (INL) has joined a $111 million public-private consortium led by the  University of Texas at San Antonio that aims to help manufacturers and supply chains adopt secure and energy-efficient approaches.

The Cybersecurity Manufacturing Innovation Institute (CyManII) plans to invite 59 member institutions and introduce secure return of investment efforts to the manufacturing market as part of a five-year agreement between UTSA and the Department of Energy (DOE), INL said Thursday.

As a member, INL will work with industry to protect digital automation platforms in manufacturing facilities and manage CyManII's cybersecurity portfolio.

The laboratory will also oversee national road mapping efforts to organize the member institutions' assets and capabilities and address various technology concerns.

CyManII will devise a strategy that covers a national effort for education and workforce development as well as the security of automation processes as well as the supply chain network.