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BAE Systems Responds to JMOD RFI to Deliver Integration Support; Andy Latham Quoted

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BAE Systems has responded to a Request for Information (RFI) from the Japanese Ministry of Defense (JMOD), the company reported on Thursday. Within the company’s response, BAE has proposed a package of integration support to Japan’s F-X next generation fighter development program.

“We firmly believe that we can add significant value to the F-X program. We look forward to further progressing our discussions and we are honored to have the opportunity to collaborate with Japan on this program,” said Andy Latham, campaign delivery director, Japan, for BAE Systems’ Air business. 

The RFI was issued by the JMOD’s Acquisition, Technology and Logistics Agency, and has requested technical capabilities across a range of key areas to support the development of the F-X program.

BAE Systems has worked with the UK Ministry of Defense (MoD) and international partner nations on programs such as Jaguar, Harrier, Tornado, Eurofighter Typhoon and F-35. The company has provided advanced, technology-led defense, aerospace and security solutions.

Additionally, BAE Systems has employed a skilled workforce across more than 40 countries. The company has collaborated with customers and partners to develop technology that protects critical information and infrastructure. BAE Systems has a proven track record in international collaboration, sharing technology, knowledge and skills to deliver sovereign capability.

“We have decades of experience of partnering with nations around the world to deliver sovereign capability. Our track record of collaborating on complex combat aircraft programs has provided us with insight and understanding of the likely challenges and the range of capabilities, technologies and relationships required to successfully deliver the next generation of such programs,” said Latham added. 

In addition to BAE Systems’ recent RFI, the company announced that it had responded to the U.S. Army’s July 30th request for proposals for a 155 mm wheeled gun system, offering the ARCHER howitzer for participation in the Army’s “shoot off” evaluation.

BAE Systems’ offering will include a fielded package of capabilities that would provide soldiers with responsiveness and flexibility. ARCHER has the ability to fire within 30 seconds of receiving an order. ARCHER is manufactured by BAE Systems Bofors in Sweden.