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USAF Unveils Anti-Jam Radio Tech for DoD

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The U.S. Air Force is developing an anti-jam high-frequency radio system meant to enhance the Department of Defense's (DoD) communication capacities with its allies.

Designed for NATO by the Air-to-Ground Tactical Data Links team, the Second Generation Anti-Jam Tactical Ultra-High Frequency Radio will replace an estimated count of over 18K HAVE QUICK II platforms employed by all U.S. military service branches, USAF said Friday.

"What we’re doing for our U.S. version is developing 16 optional modes so that our radio is not only interoperable with our NATO allies, but we have international specification across the entire industry," said Capt. Shaun Perry, a former SATURN program manager.

Mitre collaborated with the Air Force and NATO allies to build an early iteration of SATURN in the 1980's. USAF published the international interoperability specifications for SATURN in a NATO standardization agreement.

The team will utilize the specs to develop its own version of SATURN.