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Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote on Linking Army’s Project Convergence, USAF’s ABMS Exercises for CJADC2

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Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote
Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote Head of Strategy Office US Air Force

Lt. Gen. Clinton Hinote, head of the strategy office at the U.S. Air Force, said the Air Force and the U.S. Army will come up with a plan in the next 60 days to link the Project Convergence and the Advanced Battle Management System demonstrations and ensure data sharing to advance the Combined Joint All-Domain Command and Control concept, C4ISRNET reported Tuesday.

“What the Army and the Air Force are agreeing to is, we’re going to be able to see their data, they’re going to be able to see our data. And as much as we can, we will come up with common standards,” Hinote said. “But even if we can’t come up with common standards, we realize that translators are going to be something that will be with us for a long time, and we will build the translators necessary to make sure we can share.”

Hinote said bridging the Air Force’s ABMS and Project Convergence of the Army will likely involve integrating new technologies from one service branch and testing if they can transmit data to the other military branch’s nodes during the experiment.

“The magic is going to happen in the flow of information, and then the development of that information into something that looks new” through the adoption of artificial intelligence, Hinote added.