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Air Force, Army Train, Integrate for Joint Air Defense; Capt. Nicholas Volz, Capt. Nathanael Agront Quoted

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Joint Training
Joint Training Air Force Army

U.S. Air Force and U.S. Army components are working together to integrate communication networks, defense weapons and radar systems to boost joint efficiency.

USAF said Monday its 726th Air Control Squadron and the Army's 31st Air Defense Artillery Brigade are training together and combining capabilities for bolstered readiness and security.

“Working with the Army ensures the safety of particular assets and regions,” said Capt. Nicholas Volz,  chief of weapons and tactics at the 726th ACS.

The squadron, operating from Mountain Home Air Force Base, offers an early-detection radar, then the 31st ADA BDE delivers anti-air firepower via the MIM-104 Patriot missile. The two play different roles in the joint kill chain or the set of events required for strikes.

“JTEN (joint training and experimentation network) allows this training experience and interpersonal relationships to continue to progress and develop without waiting for joint training events,” said Capt. Nathanael Agront, air defense artillery fire control officer for the 31st ADA BDE.