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VMware Partners with Lumen to Deliver Edge Services; Rajiv Ramaswami Quoted

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Rajiv Ramaswami
Rajiv Ramaswami COO VMware

Lumen Technologies and VMware have partnered to advance edge compute, networking and security, VMware reported on Tuesday. Under the partnership, Lumen will deliver edge services, using integrated VMware technologies. 

“The combined capabilities of Lumen and VMware will empower organizations to take on the next phase of digital business,” said Rajiv Ramaswami, chief operating officer, products and cloud services, VMware. “We are helping customers take advantage of holistic solutions that support the people, processes, apps, and data that power business.”

The collaboration will help enterprises expand across data centers, cloud and edge, as well as move business applications that require low latency and efficient localization closer to digital interactions.

Since CenturyLink rebranded to Lumen in mid-September, Lumen has advanced its previous capabilities. Lumen can migrate and manage workloads across a range of VMware technologies, and the company has leveraged edge computing solutions to provide consistent experience across a range of hybrid cloud venues, including the VMware Cloud.

Lumen’s portfolio of solutions built on and integrated with the VMware Cloud Foundation, which will enable companies to deploy business innovations with single-digit millisecond latency to over 2,200 public data centers and more than 170,000 on-fiber enterprise locations across the globe.

“In talking with our customers about their digital business initiatives, it comes up time and time again how important it is to support their applications at the edge, where latency matters and enabling performance, and geographical and security compliance is critical,” said Shaun Andrews, Lumen chief marketing officer.

Lumen will also provide edge computing services for enterprises to develop new digital services, using VMware Tanzu, which will enable applications to run consistently from the data center to the cloud to the edge, leveraging the Lumen network. Lumen’s distributed edge computing sites will also improve application performance with faster access to multi-cloud environments.

In addition, utilizing the VMware SD-WAN by VeloCloud solution and the recently announced VMware SASE Platform, Lumen would have the ability to integrate VMware SD-WAN, VMware Workspace ONE and VMware Carbon Black to deliver a “Work from Anywhere” solution on their global edge infrastructure.

“We believe customers can benefit tremendously from the combination of Lumen’s edge compute, network and IT services and VMware’s software to bring technology solutions closer, within milliseconds, of the digital interaction. Together we’re helping businesses acquire, analyze and act upon their enterprise data to enable amazing outcomes across a range of industries and transformed business models,” added Andrews. 

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