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NavalX to Advance DON Workforce Innovation; Potomac Officers Club to Host 2020 Navy Forum

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NavalX serves as the Department of Navy (DON) workforce "super-connector." The agency is focused on scaling agility methods across the DON workforce, offering a culture of decentralized autonomy that has created an innovation landscape. NavalX has worked to connect isolated pockets of excellence to capture and scale the methodologies. 

The agency’s mission has increased awareness of cross-Department of Defense (DoD) and external successes, lessons learned and subject matter experts. NavalX was launched in Feb. 2019, as a direct-report initiative under the Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Research, Development, and Acquisition (ASN RDA). 

James “Hondo” Geurts, assistant secretary for Research, Development and Acquisition (ASN (RD&A)) with the U.S. Navy, will be featured as a keynote speaker during Potomac Officers Club’s 2020 Navy Forum on September 30th. View Potomac Officers Club’s Events Page to register for the  2020 Navy Forum!

“We help build partnerships and networks to enable greater collaboration on warfighters to accelerate adoption and delivery. NavalX focuses on two lines of effort: Workforce Agility & Innovation Capacity, and Tech Bridges,” the agency stated.

The agency promotes the rapid adoption of proven and enhanced agility methods that have high impact and broad applicability. NavalX will then share the methodologies through workshops and playbooks. 

The techbridge offers a place for innovators to collaborate at an off-base facility to foster greater creativity. It provides a collaborative ecosystem to build new partnerships and accelerate delivery of dual solutions, which supports economic development. 

In addition, NavalX provides a network of available collision spaces to provide a collaboration space while lowering requirements for entry. The agency has worked to bring different entities together to build networks and form relationships, while sharing ideas, tools and methods. 

Director of NavalX, CAPT Frank Futcher, will serve as a panelist during Potomac Officers Club’s 2020 Navy Forum. As the Navy continues to evolve to meet the growing demands, challenges still remain. Join Potomac Officers Club’s 2020 Navy Forum to hear notable industry and federal leaders discuss the initiatives, efficiencies and challenges the service branch faces as well as how to join together to improve the future of warfare.

To register for the 2020 Navy Forum, as well as view other upcoming events, visit Potomac Officers Club’s Event Page.