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Marine Corps Looks to Expand C2, Expeditionary Base Operations

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Marine Corps Operations
Marine Corps Operations

John Garner, program executive officer for land systems at the U.S. Marine Corps (USMC), has said the service branch gears its current acquisition efforts toward expeditionary advance base operations (EABO) and distributed command and control.

Garner told attendees at the Modern Day Marine virtual event that the Marine Corps seeks to expand its main C2 system to cover small ashore units and amphibious ships in EABO procedures, USNI News reported Thursday.

According to Garner, the USMC intends to focus on combat mobility and integrated air and missile defense (IAMD) in line with the National Defense Strategy and  Commandant’s Planning Guidance.

The Marine Corps is working on a small Common Aviation Command and Control (CAC2) System and looking to commence full-rate production for an amphibious combat vehicle after completing initial assessments earlier this month, he added.

Garner noted that the Marine Corps is looking for radar capabilities that will “allow them to be fully integrated into the overall intelligence and sensor plan and picture” for rapid C2 execution. USMC is also planning to field additional next-generation radars in fiscal year 2021, he noted.