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Lauren Knausenberger on USAF’s Kessel Run Software Development Team

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Lauren Knausenberger
Lauren Knausenberger Deputy CIO USAF

Lauren Knausenberger, deputy chief information officer at the U.S. Air Force, said the service’s Kessel Run software development team has been going through some growing pains but continues to ask questions on how to provide more value and improve security, FCW reported Wednesday. 

Amid the struggles, she said the team continues to ask "how can I be more secure than I was yesterday, how can I deliver more value, and just try to stay question on those end users."

Knausenberger said Tuesday at the Billington Cybersecurity's virtual summit that Kessel Run’s growing pains could be associated with its rapid growth. 

“And so just like any small business that grows very fast, you get to a point where you have to adapt your practices and try to keep those things that make you awesome and unique but still kind of grow up as a bigger organization. That's what they're struggling through right now,” she added.