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JAIC’s Nand Mulchandani on Software-Defined Warfare, Joint All-Domain C2

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Nand Mulchandani, acting director of the Department of Defense’s Joint Artificial Intelligence Center, said software will play a decisive role in competing against adversaries in fast-paced future fights because rewriting code is faster than upgrading physical weapons, Breaking Defense reported Tuesday.

“The organization that’s going to be victorious in the future is going to be the organization [with] the maximum agility to bring out new capabilities and learn very, very quickly how to adapt,” Mulchandani told the publication in an interview.

“The speed at which you are able to change your tactics, change your planning, and react to changes your adversary is making is fundamentally where the game is going in the future – and the only way to take advantage of that… is to be more software-centric rather than being hardware-centric,” he added.

Mulchandani said the Joint All-Domain Command and Control program is not a “single piece of software” that will operate on a single network but will work as a meta-network designed to facilitate sharing of intelligence and data across ground, maritime, air, space and cyber domains.

JADC2 allows you to start interconnecting and doing planning around very complex maneuvers [and then] execute those complex things in order," he said.