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Gen. Charles Brown: Air Force Must Accelerate Partnerships, Joint All-Domain Efforts

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Charles Brown
Charles Brown Chief of Staff U.S.Air Force

Gen. Charles Brown, chief of staff of the U.S. Air Force, is urging the service branch to accelerate efforts to exploit the air domain through collaborations with the Department of Defense (DoD), Congress and industry. 

Brown told attendees in a recent media roundtable that his strategic approach, titled “Accelerate Change or Lose”, requires the Air Force to partner with key stakeholders including traditional and emerging companies to “streamline processes and incentivize intelligent risk-taking,” the Air Force said Monday.

He added that the service must take steps to mitigate threats from peer competitors like Russia and China while increasing focus on the Joint All-Domain Command and Control (JADC2) program.

“While we have made progress, our Airmen need us to integrate and accelerate the changes necessary to explore new operational concepts and bring more rapidly the capabilities that will help them in the future fights,” Brown said in the document.

“To be successful, the U.S. Air Force must continue its future design work and accelerate the evolution and application of its operational concepts and force structure to optimize its contribution to Joint All Domain Operations.”