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DARPA Provides Two Support Tools for Advanced Battle Mgmt System Demo

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The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency contributed two technologies to a demonstration of the U.S. Air Force's new integrated situational awareness system.

DARPA said Friday it provided a decision-making support tool and a software integration toolchain to support testing of the Advanced Battle Management System. The demonstration ran from Aug. 31 to Sept. 4.

The Adapting Cross-domain Kill-webs or ACK serves as an aid for decision making as commanders work to manage tasks. The System-of-systems Technology Integration Tool Chain for Heterogeneous Electronic Systems or STITCHES works to facilitate integration between different kinds of systems across multiple domains.

“The ACK decision aid software analyzed thousands of options to form cross-domain kill-webs and recommended the assets for the kill chain and the best command-and-control ‘play’ to the mission commander,” said Air Force Col. Dan Javorsek, program manager for ACK.

"STITCHES brings force composability directly to the warfighter by allowing data to be shared without system upgrades," said Lt. Col. Jimmy Jones, manager of the System of Systems Integration Technology and Experimentation program.

DARPA personnel were able to accredit ACK and STITCHES, among other ABMS technologies, on a network in less than a week.