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CyberCore Discusses WindRose Supply Chain Threat Assessment Center; Neal Frick Quoted

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Neal Frick
Neal Frick VP

CyberCore launched the WindRose Supply Chain Threat Assessment Center to provide the federal and commercial sectors insight into customers and contractors in 2019. As security threats increase, federal government contractors’ accountability for security breaches continues to grow. 

WindRose has leveraged artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) to assess business and product risk of the Supply Chain Network. WindRose has scaled global Information Technology (IT) supply chain threats and vulnerabilities by providing a comprehensive analysis, covering all threat vectors. 

CyberCore’s WindRose follows a cyber and supply chain focused analysis framework, consisting of over 50,000 Non-Cooperative Data Sources, where 150 Threat Factors are assessed across 15 Key Supply Chain Elements which are analyzed within 5 Critical Threat Vectors.

With the center’s capabilities, WindRose recently investigated a corporation that provided PKI consulting as well as user interface design for cryptographic applications. The organization did not do business with the federal government directly; however, their partners had a history of supporting the DoD. 

Investigation of individuals associated with the organization indicated that most of the development team resided in Russia and Ukraine. The owner had direct ties to Russian oligarchs via family, and the threat of compromise was reported as critical. 

“It is imperative organizations thoroughly vet their suppliers, subcontractors, and partners to ensure that they are meeting the strict government compliance requirements. This is significant as prime contractors become ever more liable for their partners’ bad behavior,” said Neal Frick, CyberCore’s VP of Mission Services. 

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