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AI Commission Seeks Comments on How Gov’t Should Engage With Industry to Back Commercial Innovation

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The National Security Commission on Artificial Intelligence (NSCAI) has asked small and medium sized companies for feedback on how the government should work with the private sector to advance commercial AI innovation. A request for comments posted Wednesday on Federal Register says NSCAI will use the responses as it works on a final report slated for release in March 2021.

The commission wants the companies to share the challenges they face when doing business with the government and changes that could be made to reduce or address them. It is also seeking insights on how the government could better communicate national security challenges to industry and opportunities to demonstrate potential platforms.

NSCAI also requests input on obstacles to carrying out temporary talent exchanges and ways to address such challenges; how the government and industry can improve collaboration on product development to protect against bias in AI systems; and how the government can “incentivize responsible AI development through acquisition.”

Responses are due Oct. 23.

The commission issued an interim report in November 2019 to provide its initial evaluation of AI with regard to national security and recommend initial steps for the government to advance AI adoption.