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1901 Group Completes EITOC to Advance IT Services; Sonu Singh, James Christopher Quoted

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Sonu Singh
Sonu Singh CEO 1901 Group

1901 Group has completed its Enterprise Information Technology Operations Center (EITOC) expansion in Blacksburg, VA, which will provide managed services for cloud migration and operations such as IT service management, IT operations management, cybersecurity, data intelligence and automation services, the company reported on Tuesday.

“Our service delivery model is based upon our In3Sight Platform, which includes an integrated suite of tools and technologies within a FedRAMP authorized security boundary that allows us to provide secure remote support to our customers, regardless of customer location or the location of our employees, to include teleworking from home,” said James Christopher, EVP Operations and Engineering of 1901 Group.

1901 Group has collaborated with the Virginia Tech Corporate Research Center (VTCRC) to build the EITOC. The center has featured customer-facing development, security and operations teams providing IT “as a service” models that leverage cloud technology and process automation to deliver outcome-based IT services.

The EITOC also includes the 1901 Group’s Cloud Factory and Innovation Engineering Labs focused on the use of automation to accelerate digital transformation.

1901 Group’s FedRAMP authorized Enterprise Managed Services has been integrated into the EITOC. The services will monitor, manage and optimize applications across on premise, private and multi-cloud environments, which will help federal agencies leverage cloud and modern technologies to improve performance and security.

“Automation coupled with the re-skilling of the workforce will provide unprecedented productivity gains and performance improvement across public and private sector organizations,” said Sonu Singh, CEO of 1901 Group. “This impending productivity jump will build true operational resilience into the workforce changing where we work, how we work, and who does the work. Very exciting times!”

About 1901 Group, LLC

1901 Group develops innovative IT services and solutions for the public and private sector. We improve service delivery with our recently expanded FedRAMP authorized Enterprise IT Operations Center (EITOC) for 24×7 user, complex IT infrastructure, and mission-critical systems support.

Our capabilities include cloud, cybersecurity, and enterprise-scale managed services to transition customers from traditional on-premise IT infrastructure models to hybrid cloud solutions that improve performance and reduce costs. We proudly serve customers in federal, state, and local governments, including law enforcement agencies and commercial markets. Customers benefit from our 24×7 Cloud Factory with FedRAMP authorization, ISO 9001 certification, and CMMI Maturity Level 3 appraisals.