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University of Arizona to Build, Operate Quantum Network Center Under $51M NSF Grant; CQN Director Saikat Guha

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The National Science Foundation (NSF) will award a potential 10-year, $50.6 million grant to the University of Arizona for work to manage a new engineering research center.

The Center for Quantum Networks (CQN) will tackle the creation of an internet-like network specifically designed to link quantum computers, the university said Tuesday. The grant holds a five-year base period valued at $26 million and a five-year, $24.6 million option period.

"The transformation of today's internet through quantum technology will spur entirely new tech industries and create an innovation ecosystem of quantum devices and components, service providers and applications," said Saikat Guha, CQN director.

CQN aims to create a medium through which quantum computing devices can exchange information in the form of quantum bits that boost processing capacity. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University and Harvard University will serve as partners for the effort.