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Unisys Partners with Inspire Health Alliance to Develop Real-Time COVID-19 Testing; Chris Kloes Quoted

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Chris Kloes
Chris Kloes

Unisys Corporation has partnered with Inspire Health Alliance, to support Inspire's real-time COVID-19 registration, testing and access control, which will reduce cost and offer an effective and scalable solutions to organizations, Unisys reported on Monday.

“Through this arrangement, Unisys is able to complement Inspire's robust COVID-19 testing at a scale and with the security, onsite integration and logistics management not yet seen in the market today. We are proud to join this meaningful effort and do our part to help get America back to work," said Chris Kloes, vice president, Unisys Security Solutions.

The collaborative solution will combine content from Inspire and Unisys to provide companies with portable, point-of-care testing machines, licensed healthcare administrators that will administer COVID-19 antibody and antigen tests and test results available in under 15 minutes.

Unisys has offered Unisys Stealth software and security services, systems integration capabilities and onsite technical support and field services to protect the COVID-testing machines, and data from the machines, in support of the solution and testing at a national scale.

The AFIAS Rapid COVID-19 Antibody Tests will use blood from a finger prick to test COVID-19 antibodies and antigens. Once the testing has completed, the organization can determine the actions to take based on the test results. The antigen test has been presented to the FDA for approval and is in the final stages of completion.

Unisys Stealth(identity) has been made available to verify an individual's identity during enrollment and that each test is administered to the right person, preventing identity fraud. Biometric identity, combined with a negative test result, may be integrated into building management systems to provide physical access.

Unisys' security portfolio offerings also include Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation software that will isolate compromised devices or users and reduce attack surfaces by encrypting all communication between Stealth-protected assets and cloaking the assets from unauthorized users. 

“Security and scale are two of the biggest success factors in deploying technology-enabled solutions for workplace or school health and safety," said Ricardo Salas, managing partner at Inspire Health Alliance. "We are thrilled to partner with Unisys to deliver both and are now taking orders for delivery effective the week of September 14."

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