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Mark Munsell on NGA’s Technology Strategy, Tech Focus Areas

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Mark Munsell
Mark Munsell CTO NGA

Mark Munsell, chief technology officer at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA), said NGA’s two documents on technology focus areas and tech strategy will help the agency address “enduring” analytical and tech challenges, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

“We are looking for industry to take a look at those and propose ideas and technologies that might address those enduring needs,” Munsell said on the network’s Ask the CIO. “We have the technology strategy that focuses on the processes and how we’d like to change. While the tech focus areas focus on the actual what we are looking for, the technology strategy focuses on how we’d like to act, how we’d like to behave and the processes we’d like to change.”

In April, NGA released a document listing data management, advanced analytics and modeling, modern software engineering, artificial intelligence and future of work as its five technology focus areas this year. Munsell said the tech strategy provides information on how NGA wants companies to collaborate with the agency.

“A company may have product that meets the technological need of NGA, but the way they do business, the way they bring that product in and the way NGA adopts it, is really critical,” he said. “We want them to use the cloud. We want them to use DevSecOps. And we want to use product management as a way to manage that instead of the traditional program management.”