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Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson: Space Command Working on New Tech Capabilities Against Russian, Chinese Threats

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Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson
Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson

Army National Guard Maj. Gen. Tim Lawson, mobilization assistant to the commander of U.S. Space Command, said anti-satellite missiles, on-orbit platforms and other counter-space weapon systems from Russia and China keep Spacecom “up at night” but the command is working on new technology capabilities that could mitigate such threats, National Defense reported Friday.

“A lot of times you listen to that threat picture and you kind of get a little dismayed at what you're seeing, but then you look at our side and — trust me — we’ve got some things coming. So, it's good news,” Lawson said Friday at the National Defense Industrial Association’s virtual Space Warfighting Industry Forum.

Lawson, who is also Spacecom’s acting deputy commander, mentioned during the forum the need for resilient space architectures that use large satellite constellations for communications and intelligence collection as well as Spacecom’s interest in satellite servicing, on-orbit refueling and other space logistics-related advances.