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Axon Partners with Fotokite to Develop UAS Solutions for Agencies; Jeff Kunins, Christopher McCall Quoted

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Jeff Kunins
Jeff Kunins

Axon has partnered with Fotokite, a service provider of actively tethered Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) solutions and public safety software tools, to provide products and services as part of the Axon Air program, Axon reported on Tuesday

"This partnership with Fotokite is a game-changer for how our law enforcement customers view, assess and respond to crisis situations in real-time," says Axon CPO and EVP Software, Jeff Kunins. "This program will be a great addition for agencies with already existing drone programs as it allows for a greater breadth of incident coverage."

Under the partnership, Axon’s law enforcement customers will be able to view live-streamed footage within Axon Evidence, the company’s digital evidence management solution. The Axon Air program has included the Fotokite Sigma UAS, Fotokite's situational awareness software tools, and the tools needed to view, manage and share video evidence.

The drone will provide increased safety and significant team resource savings with autonomous flight, compared to a standard drone. The collaborative offering will not require piloting is needed for operations up to 150 feet above ground level. 

Fotokite Sigma can fly in harsh weather conditions and stay airborne beyond 24 hours of continuous flight versus the shorter flight times of free-flying drones. The drone will include Evidence Management with integrated video footage to enable agencies to gather a holistic view of an investigation. 

The drone will also provide live-streaming to support real-time video through Axon Aware situational awareness software, enabling agencies to deploy resources more quickly and efficiently.

With the UAS, agencies reduce time and cost in the operation of the system with simplified program management that does not require federal Part 107 licenses or a Certificate of Authorization (COA) from the FAA.

Axon’s offering will also feature a scalable aerial situational awareness, without the need for pilots on-scene, providing law enforcement the ability to gain instant situational awareness and incident records early in a response. 

"We're thrilled to partner exclusively with Axon in delivering a purpose-built tool to first responders in the public safety community. Our actively tethered UAS technology will directly serve Axon's customers with the integrated product they need," says Fotokite CEO, Christopher McCall

The Fotokite system is designed for public safety and will be available to law enforcement customers in the US and Canada exclusively through the Axon Air program beginning in 2021. 

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