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Army to Assess Environmental Impacts of Potential Training Modernization Effort

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The U.S. Army will conduct an assessment of environmental impacts that may result from training modernization activities at Fort Irwin in California. 

The service branch plans to issue an environmental impact statement that will highlight the effects of the potential modernization effort on the surrounding environment, the Department of the Army said Wednesday in a Federal Register notice.

Fort Irwin, located in the Mojave Desert, houses the Army's National Training Center where brigade combat teams undergo training.

The Army sees a need to update the center's training infrastructure in alignment with a new doctrine that emphasizes the use of large formations against near-peer threats.

Modernization activities would update the center's communications infrastructure, urban operations training facilities and weapon ranges.

Fort Irwin will accept requests for scoping-related materials via email and will open the EIS draft for public feedback when ready.