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Air Force Launches ‘AI Accelerator’ Effort to Drive Collaborative Tech Dev’t; Capt. Lindsey McEvoy Quoted

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The U.S. Air Force has partnered with Lincoln Labs and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) for a three-year accelerator program aimed at helping the service branch speed up its artificial intelligence development initiatives.

The Air Force said Tuesday that it has selected 11 airmen and three reservists for the AI Accelerator program, which also includes civil sector-focused activities such as consultations, outreach programs and senior leadership training.

Current initiatives under the program include AI-driven disaster response, weather prediction, image processing, navigation and training. Capt. Lindsey McEvoy, chief of AI research for the accelerator effort, said each project under the program is focused on “having an impact in the broader AI community”.

“For my project in particular, it would be the development of a next generation spectrum analyzer, which can separate signals into multiple components,” she said. “This currently doesn’t exist and can help the communication systems in the outside world cite transmitters and understand the interference environment.”

According to the Air Force, 40 percent of the accelerator team also took part in the service’s Education With Industry fellowship program with industry partners. The Air Force plans to accept more proposals for the AI Accelerator this summer.