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Telos Launches The Epios Project to Facilitate COVID-19 Testing; Suvi Rinkinen, Douglas Horn Quoted

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Telos has launched The Epios Project, designed to facilitate anonymous testing for COVID-19 and other epidemics, on Thursday.

"The Epios Project and mobile app are prime examples of how blockchain technology can be used to securely collect, anonymize and manage public health data," said Suvi Rinkinen, CEO at The Telos Foundation. "We look forward to working with additional partners to grow Epios and improve disease testing and outcomes worldwide." 

Within the project, Telos will utilize a mobile app to connect  anonymous testers with providers that supply and process test kits in compliance with local requirements. Epios will integrate a new method for recording anonymous information within a system that will require disclosure of personally identifiable information. 

Telos will not require payment to be made directly by the testing subject to the processing lab.  The company will use a cryptographically protected coupon provided along with each test kit with untraceable codes, enabling labs to verify that a payment is valid without tracing it to a specific purchaser. 

The project will create a network of project, regional and country managers to arrange permissions for third-party organizations to record and access data on the blockchain. Telos will work with non-governmental organizations (NGO), government organizations and other partners to grow the project globally. 

"By providing an option for structurally anonymous testing, people may be more likely to get tested and take better precautions if their results are positive," said Douglas Horn, chief architect of the Telos Blockchain and Epios Project lead. "Providing aggregate, anonymous results to researchers with some geographic granularity also helps the medical community and policymakers make more informed decisions for the COVID-19 pandemic and future epidemics." 

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