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Paul Puckett on Main Goals of Army’s Enterprise Cloud Management Office

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The U.S. Army established earlier this year a new office to build and extend enterprise cloud services to the tactical edge and Paul Puckett, director of the service’s Enterprise Cloud Management Office (ECMO), said ECMO has three primary goals, Federal News Network reported Thursday.

Puckett said those goals are providing cloud-based shared services for use by the entire service, offering software development tools that allow the military branch to easily field cloud-native applications and providing end users access to data analytics and management tools.

“Those three technical capabilities put together is what we see as a foundational element that all of the Army needs to lean into,” he said at an AFCEA-hosted online event. “What we find is that leveraging common services allows us to stop toiling with basic technology, configuration management, and starts to allow us to really start to focus on our applications and our data.”

Puckett cited the need for the Army to facilitate data sharing by having a cloud architecture that would serve as a “global asset and not just a capability at the enterprise." He said the service should reassess its approach to software development as it ramps up its move to the cloud.