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DOE Concludes Exascale Cooling Project at Los Alamos National Lab

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The Department of Energy (DoE) has completed the development of cooling equipment designed for exascale-class supercomputers.

The Exascale Class Computer Cooling Equipment Project reached the Critical Decision-4 milestone in May and was celebrated with a ribbon-cutting ceremony Thursday at Los Alamos National Laboratory, DOE said the same day. The project concluded 10 months earlier than scheduled with $20 million saved.

“High-performance computing continues to be key to the future of our science-based stockpile stewardship program, and completing this project ahead of schedule allows the enterprise to keep moving forward towards its next milestones,” said Lisa Gordon-Hagerty, administrator of DOE's National Nuclear Security Administration.

The resulting cooler technology will help LANL reduce the heat of exascale computers in the laboratory's strategic computing complex and the upcoming Crossroads supercomputer.