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Craig Halliday, Unanet CEO, Discusses Additions to ERP Platform

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Craig Halliday
Craig Halliday CEO Unanet

Unanet recently announced that the company has made addition to its enterprise resource planning (ERP) software offering with new features designed to help government contractors gain business insights and increase operational efficiencies, the company announced Thursday.

Craig Halliday, CEO of Unanet, recently added commentary about the company’s latest offerings. He stated: “Unanet GovCon was built from the ground up, for government contractors. There are no bolt-ons, incompatible features, or awkward forcing of disparate solutions, which is rampant among competitive products.”

Unanet has released Analytics+, Analytics Studio and Automated Invoice Attachments. Analytics+ is will provide contractors with an array of dashboard and reporting functionality to build upon the software’s real-time data visualization features.

“Designing purpose-built software requires an extra level of understanding of customer needs, along with personal service and a commitment to developing and refining solutions that actually enable customers to address their business challenges through smart engineering and elegant design,” added Halliday. 

With Unanet’s new capabilities, government contractors will gain further insight into advanced analytics, custom reporting and drill-down capabilities to enable dynamic interaction with data.

“We work closely with our customers, every step of the way. We pay close attention to what they need most, and what will help them succeed. These enhanced, real-time data management and reporting access features were customized to meet those needs,” Halliday stated. 

In addition, Unanet’s new analytics capabilities allow for better decision-making across virtually every function. Having the ability to report, analyze and visualize data all in one ERP will enhance GovCons’ understanding of business and enable contracts to  make faster, more accurate decisions. 

“Too often, solutions are cobbled together, requiring extra steps, additional credentials, and even two different systems to find one specific data point. We chose to invest in a solution that is completely synthesized automatically, giving companies one single source of truth. When our customers succeed, we succeed,” concluded Halliday. 

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Unanet is a leading provider of ERP solutions purpose-built for Government Contractors, A/E, and Professional Services. More than 2,000 project-driven organizations depend on Unanet to turn their information into actionable insights, drive better decision-making, and nurture business growth.