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Catherine Marsh: IARPA Seeks Office Directors to Support Tech Transition Efforts

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Catherine Marsh
Catherine Marsh Director IARPA

Catherine Marsh, director of the Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Activity (IARPA), said IARPA is hiring new office directors to help transition technology platforms to intelligence agencies, SIGNAL Magazine reported Monday.

“We are reinstituting the role of office directors at IARPA,” Marsh told the publication. “We posted vacancy notices, and we got lots of applicants – I mean lots of applicants.”

The new office directors will be responsible for hiring program managers, developing and guiding research initiatives and connecting program managers to intelligence agencies.

“The office director has to help make the connections between our programs and our partners in the intelligence community, and they leverage that experience to ensure that our programs are ambitious, that they’ve got rigorous metrics and that they’re structured for success, but that they’re also going to transition [to users.],” Marsh said. "That’s a critical role for our future.”