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White House Associate Counsel Brian Miller Confirmed to Oversee COVID-19 Economic Relief

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Brian Miller
Brian Miller

Brian Miller, President Trump’s nominee to become the Department of Treasury’s special inspector general for pandemic recovery, has received Senate confirmation for the role, Politico reported Tuesday.

Miller will oversee $500 billion in efforts aimed at addressing COVID-19’s effects on the nation’s economy. He will work with the rest of the Treasury Department and the Federal Reserve to help businesses recover from the pandemic.

A 51-40 Senate vote resulted in the confirmation of Miller to take up the new role that is part of the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Security or CARES Act. The bipartisan bill allots $2.2T for financial relief programs.

The newly confirmed inspector general most recently served as a special assistant and associate counsel to Trump at the White House. Miller also performed IG work over his nine-year tenure with the General Services Administration.