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U.S. Navy to Field Reserve Personnel for Public Shipyard Maintenance

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The U.S. Navy will tap 1,629 reserve personnel to help the service branch maintain submarines and aircraft carriers at four public shipyards in efforts to lower maintenance backlog. The reservists will be deployed to their respective shipyards in batches by July and will carry out mobilization orders for one year as part of the Surge Maintenance program, the Navy said Wednesday.

The selected personnel are required to wear protective gear, follow the Department of Defense's travel protocols and undergo temperature checks prior to their entrance to the shipyard. Norfolk Naval Shipyard will receive 486 reservists, while Portsmouth Naval Shipyard expects 267 personnel.

Pearl Harbor Naval Shipyard will take in 200 personnel and Puget Sound Naval Shipyard and Intermediate Maintenance Facility will receive 676 personnel. The SurgeMain program is established to support the Navy's civilian shipyard workforce when needed. The effort has listed 245 reserve officers and 2,200 reserve sailors from 75 various units.